Best cloud plan for your business

October 13, 2015
Best cloud plan for your business

Why you should switch to the cloud platform?

It saves you money – the initial setup fees are usually lower as you don’t need to buy a server. Instead you will be able to rent Google and Amazon servers backed up in multiple locations.

Why you should choose us?

We offer Platform as a Service (PaaS) using cloud computing infrastructure  that is built on top of Amazon AWS and the Google cloud platform. What this means for you is:

  1. You do not need to worry about server management
  2. You don’t need to patch software

Which ultimately means that you can just focus on your core business!

Get Started

You can start by opting for our best plan (149 USD or 99 GBP) by clicking here. This plan allows you to:

  1. Deploy your solution on our middleware platform;
  2. Get advice from one of our cloud experts; and
  3. Optimise your code so that it works efficiently in our platform.

All of our plans can be viewed and compared here.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected]