Do I need an SSL for my website?

October 13, 2015
Do I need an SSL for my website?

This is a question we quite often receive from our clients. The answer is no, you don’t require one. However you should strongly consider getting one.

Why should I have SSL?

There are many reason why you should consider having SSL. Some of these are:

  1. All the data communications between your website and visitors will be encrypted. For example, if you have a login page and you ask your visitors to enter the login credentials on a page that is SSL enabled then the data send from the visitors browser will be encrypted. An attacker won’t be able to eavesdrop  into the communication
  2. Improves how your website is being perceived. The padlock sign that users see in their address bar shows that your website uses SSL. Your users will assume that you taken taken enough measures to ensure the data integrity and security
  3. If you have a login section or accept payment (or any sensitive details) you should have SSL enabled to protect users data
  4. Many search engines do take SSL into account while determining the importance of a website.


Cloud based services should always have SSL encryption and data encryption at the server end to protect the user

Does Fly My Cloud provide SSL support?

Yes, we do. We encourage our users to enable SSL on their websites. If you opt for any of our plans we offer an SSL certificate free of charge. Furthermore, we will even help you install the certificate and make sure that the certificate is active.

Where can I buy an SSL certificate?

There are many different kinds of SSL certificates. The most common one is the domain validated certificate. Fly My Cloud provides this certificate for free. There are also Organisation Validated and Extended Validated (Green address bar like the one of Fly My Cloud’s home page). If you would like to purchase and install one of these certificates, please do get in touch with our sales team at [email protected]