Free quota : Fly My Cloud Platform

October 13, 2015
Free quota : Fly My Cloud Platform

By choosing Fly My Cloud you will get the following with the platform  (license fee which starts at 149 USD per month)

  1. Unlimited Email Accounts with 1 TB storage each
  2. 5 auto-scale servers if your application supports
  3. 25 GB Cloud Space (5 GB per application)
  4. 150 GB Bandwidth (30 GB per application)
  5. 10 GB Database space (with 1 GB dedicated RAM)
  6. Free SSL certificate
  7. Free Memcache support

All our plans comes with a free domain name (.com or Of course, subject to the terms, you can also rely on our support team to sort out any issues that might having with hosting your application

These resources should be sufficient for most applications run by small and medium scale businesses.

Anything that goes above this will be charged according to our ‘pay as you go’ plan.