What is Fly My Cloud platform? (FMC middleware)

October 16, 2015
What is Fly My Cloud platform? (FMC middleware)

Here at Fly My Cloud, we want our clients to focus on their core business – hence the FMC Platform.

What is FMC Platform?

FMC platform (middleware) is a platform where you upload your files and code. Our intuitive system will then automatically replicate your code and data according to the demand. We also automatically replicate the databases associated so that your application will have high reliability and low latency.

What server will the client be using?

The client can focus on the application as all the server related issues are handled by Fly My Cloud platform. We use a range of stripped down versions of Linux systems to support your application. All server side patching will be done from our end. We will also be doing load balancing, data replication, server duplication and content distribution for you.

What about the data?

All the data that you have provided belong to you. All the sensitive data will be encrypted when we store it in our systems and when you take it back it will be decrypted and given back to you.