What are the different types of SSL certificates?

October 26, 2015
What are the different types of SSL certificates?

There are many types of SSL certificates you can buy. In this article you can find the options you have got.

For your website

If you are thinking of getting an SSL for your website, then you can purchase on the following types:

Domain Validated Certificate: This is the most common certificate you find on the internet. Fly My Cloud blog uses this certificate. This is also the cheapest option you can go for. Essentially this certificate will encrypt all the data communication between your visitors and your web server. You will be able to access all the web pages under that domain using https. The certificate simply validates the domain and if you have access to the domain registrar control panel or administrator’s email, then you can get this certificate. We strongly encourage all our clients to use SSL certificates and domain validated SSLs are the most commonly used certificate amongst our clients. Most SSL issuers will issue this SSL certificate in minutes once the domain has been validated.

Organisation Validated Certificate: If you decide to get one of these certificates, the SSL certificate issuer will also verify that the domain belongs to a particular organisation. We don’t recommend this certificate as this does not provide value for money in our opinion.

Extended Validation Certificate: When you use an Extended Validation (EV) certificate, you get the green address bar with the company names displayed along with. You can see this kind of SSL being used when you visit your bank’s website, PayPal or Fly My Cloud home page. In this case, the SSL certificate issuers that the company behind the certificate is a legal entity with physical presence in the country where it is registered (In Fly My Cloud’s case it will show as GB – as we are registered in England and Wales). This is the most expensive certificate and can take few days to few weeks to have the certificate issued depending on the SSL issuer. We strongly recommend getting this certificate if you process financial transactions on your website.

For other purposes

You can also have SSL certificates issued for other purposes. A typical case would be to sign a software that you can written. You would use a ‘code signing certificate’ in this case.